Ask Away!

Just some of our frequently asked questions...

What are the delivery options and costs?

Do you have a Royal Mail delivery option?

Help! There is a problem with my order! What do I do?

Do you have any discount codes?

What is surplus food?

What products do you sell?

How do I find out the Best Before Date of a product?

I haven't received my order, what has happened?

Why can the same product be on sale at two different prices during a short period of time?

Do you sell out of date products?

How do I find the best deals on your website?

If you are here to tackle food waste and protect the environment, why don't you sell all of your products as cheaply as possible?

Do you actually help to protect the environment? And if so, how do you?

Why are you able to sell at such a big discount? And why aren't these products always sold at this price?

Food Circle? Infinity sign? What is that name all about?

Why are my favourite products not always in stock?

These products are normally expensive, what's the catch? Is there something wrong with them?

Why are there limits on how many of each item I can add to my basket?