When you’re working hard to lose weight or tone up, it can be difficult to satisfy those snack-ish cravings.  Whether you’re a sucker for something sweet, or savoury snacks make you salivate, it can be all too tempting to open the snack cupboard, ignore the nutritional information and dig in.

With that in mind, here are a handful of suggestions that might help you to replace those delicious treats and sugary drinks with something just as nice, but a little bit less naughty…


1. Chocolate

Who doesn’t love a bit of chocolate? I think we all do! But we all know about it’s high sugar and fat content.


Luckily, trying to live healthy doesn’t mean you need to give it up completely! There are loads of amazing chocolate brands out there producing tasty dark chocolate, which is lower in sugar and fat, and higher in antioxidant content than regular chocolate.


Look out for brands such as Montezumas and Doisy & Dam, who both produce a delicious range of dark chocolates, and make sure you are going for the products with 70% (or higher) pure cacao or cocoa solids content. If you’re not used to eating dark chocolate, the flavour can take a while to get used to, but once you get a taste for it beware, because it can be just as delicious and moreish as the chocolate you are used to!


2. Biscuits

Another one that most of us are guilty of! Hands up, who loves a biscuit with a cuppa? I can’t even try to deny it. Especially in the middle of the afternoon when your head starts to descend towards the desk.


But you can still enjoy a sweet snack with a mid-afternoon brew by looking for a nutritious bar or energy ball.


Trek Bars, Bounce Energy Balls, Deliciously Ella bites, and Nom Bars are just a few examples of delicious alternatives that will perk you up again. If you’re heading to the gym after work, they are a great pre-workout snack too.


3. Energy drinks

An energy drink can be a great short-term pick-me-up when you’re feeling a little bit weary, but as people wise up to the extremely high sugar and unnatural stimulant content, there is a demand for healthier alternatives.


Sunsoul natural energy drinks are one example of a kinder, more natural alternative to traditional products. They only contain 84 calories per can, and all the sugar inside is naturally occurring from fruit. It contains natural botanicals so you don’t just get a short term burst of energy followed by a rapid crash, as it delivers a much more lasting effect.


4. Crisps

Savoury snackers, here’s one for you! Fried crisps can be moreish but not necessarily good to eat in large quantities.


Luckily, innovation in the crisp market has brought in a wave of tasty alternatives. Baked crisps retain the satisfying flavour and crunch in every bag, but are naturally lower in fat as a result of how they are cooked. Top brands such as Walkers are right on the money with their baked range, which contain approximately 70% less fat per bag than their traditional counterparts.


But you don’t need to rely on Gary Lineker’s fave spuds to stay svelte! American brand Luke’s Organic produce great tasting crisps from natural wholegrain ingredients like Chia seeds, Kale and Buckwheat. They’re also free from gluten, dairy and lots of other common intolerance ingredients.


5. Protein

Protein can be a tricky one. You want to build lean muscle whilst keeping the calories in control and eating or drinking something that tastes good.


There are lots of great brands out there producing bars, powders and ready-made shakes, but the true benefits and effects are sometimes mystified, and it can be hard to find something that’s great to eat or drink too.


If you’re not quite sure what to do with powders, or perhaps find them a little bit difficult to digest, bottled shakes can be a great alternative. And if you’re a bit confused about what’s best for you, or worried about calories, there are lower calorie or diet versions out there.


One of our favourite brands is Grenade.  Their diet shakes are high in protein, and contain 4.3g of carbs (from natural fruit sources), and only 150 calories per bottle, making it a nutritious and healthy on-the-go product! Plus it’s smooth yogurt-like texture makes it one of the most enjoyable products in this market.



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