Co-Founder’s Update – 1st June 2018

We have been super busy here at Food Circle towers recently which has somewhat hindered our blogging efforts, so we thought we would make a comeback by way of updating you on what we have been up to!

Most of our recent energies have been spent building on the range of fantastic brands and products that we already had. As is often the case with a new business like ourselves, we have experienced peaks and troughs in supply and demand, as we build up both our customer base and supplier base.

In an ideal world, this would all happen at the same rate, but sometimes in business it takes some patience for everything to come together!

We have been waiting for a few things to fall into place while receiving lots of orders so our range has been slightly reduced for the last couple of weeks. First of all, a big thank you to the brilliant response we have had so far, and to everyone who has browsed our store and placed an order with us – we really appreciate it.

Second of all, we are really thankful for your patience while we source more products and increase our range – thank you. I am delighted to be writing this update at a time when we have just taken in another delivery of delicious Trek and Nakd products from Natural Balance Foods.

We had a great response when we first brought Trek and Nakd on board in April, so we are really excited and grateful to be able to help them out with their surplus products once again. As you may have seen, we currently have 6 lines in stock across the Trek & Nakd range, including a few new products we haven’t had before.

I have been grazing in the office ever since the delivery came in, and I would highly recommend the Nakd Coconut Bliss Nibbles. For anybody who is a coconut fan like me, they are an essential snack have in your desk drawer to get you through the afternoon, or as a pre-workout boost. I think they are absolutely delicious, and not only that, they are made from 100% cold-pressed natural ingredients and are vegan friendly too!

We will also have several brand new product lines landing within the next few days, so keep your eyes peeled for those too.

Speaking of the office – our other big piece of news is that we have moved! Our small shared office in the centre of Sheffield served us very well indeed over the past few months, but storing our products in a separate location wasn’t ideal, so we got ourselves a unit that can do both!

Food Circle towers!

It’s just outside Sheffield (near Rotherham) and we are delighted with it. It gives us the space to expand our product range, and makes us a lot more efficient behind the scenes meaning we’ll have more time to focus on building partnerships with more of your favourite healthy food brands! Sounds like a win-win-win situation to me!

Finally, I am excited (and slightly scared) to announce that Paul and I will be doing Tough Mudder in July. We have Paul’s hand-eye co-ordination to thank as he top-scored at Trek’s “Batak” game at the NOPE exhibition back in April. Despite being utterly hopeless at Batak myself, Paul’s success means that we have both been invited to take part alongside the Trek guys, so the training has begun in earnest (…sort of!)

Paul being really good at the "Batak" (top)... me, not so much!

I have never done Tough Mudder before, so I am genuinely excited – I just hope my fitness levels are up to scratch when July comes around. It’s been a really busy few months, so I need to find the time to get in the gym more to make sure I’m ready!

I’ll wrap things up by saying big thanks for reading. I hope this blog has been an interesting peek behind the scenes, and we’ll be sure to write another update soon!





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