Our Story

Who Are You Guys?

Hi! We’re Paul and James – the Co-Founders of Food Circle Supermarket.

While working in the food & drink industry for a number of years, we witnessed just how much perfectly edible healthy food and drink was going to waste, and decided to do something about it! This allows you to shop for your favourite healthy food & drink products from quality brands, at lower prices.

#JoinOurCircle and you’ll not only be making great savings on your healthy food shop, but you’ll also be doing your bit to protect our environment and tackle food waste!


What Do You Do?

We are tackling food waste by selling healthy surplus food and drink, or products that serve a particular dietary lifestyle. This can include high protein, organic, free-from, vegan, vegetarian, low fat/sugar, and healthy alternatives to mainstream products.

The vast majority of the products that we sell are surplus products, meaning that they may have otherwise have gone to waste, but are still in-date, wholesome and healthy!


How Do You Do It?

All the amazing products that are on our supermarket were sourced directly from the manufacturer, brand owner or distributor, who have opted to join us in tackling food waste and protecting our environment.

We then sell to you on our online supermarket, offering meaningful discounts off high street prices, and delivering straight to your door.

We protect our clients’ brands by being a part of an active conversation around food waste and the positive environmental impact they are having, and ensuring our shoppers are part of that conversation.

We provide lots of information on social media, on our FAQ pageour Environment page and on the information that we send out with our shoppers’ orders.


Why Do You Do It?

We have a genuine passion and belief in the need for protecting our environment, and living a healthy lifestyle… we also love food! So we are determined to work with manufacturers across the country to help reduce food waste, and to make healthy foods more affordable for everyone.

Our History

Paul and James founded Food Circle in early 2018 with just their own personal savings and a desk in a shared office space. We've come a long way since then, serving hundreds of customers from all four corners of the UK from our combined office and warehouse space just outside Sheffield, South Yorkshire.

We've won the Duke of York Young Entrepreneur Award, the Hallam Enterprise Award, and received a nomination in the Sheffield Business Awards.

We are proud to have provided our customers with fantastic savings on a range of healthy and free-from foods, but this is just the start! We have big plans for the future, so whether you are a regular customer or whether you are visiting our website for the first time, we really appreciate your support as we continue to build our business and save more food from being wasted.