Pulsin Pea Protein Powder 250g

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Best Before Date: 30/11/2018

Product Description

Premium quality vegan pea protein powder to fortify both sweet and savoury foods.

Food Circle Supermarket is proud to be working with Pulsin to reduce surplus stock waste. This means we are fuelling your workout and powering your gains for less by offering this Pea Protein Powder for just over half price compared to the high street price. We are proud to be doing environmental good and helping you to live healthy for less.

With over 80% protein and a neutral flavour, Pulsin Pea protein is the most versatile powder in our range. 

It can easily be mixed with sweet or savoury dishes and is heat stable, making it ideal for adding a protein boost to hot soups and casseroles. 

Why Should I Choose Pea Protein?
Our Pulsin Pea Protein is the most versatile protein powder in our range as it is more heat stable making it perfect for adding to hot dishes. It also packs a fairly hefty protein punch at over 80% protein, as well as being rich in iron and zinc.

It is: Vegan, Non GM and contains no added fillers, sugars or sweeteners, making it a great alternative to whey protein.

How Do I Use It?
All Pulsin protein powders are natural and unflavoured, great for adding to your favourite recipes to boost your daily protein intake. This Pea Protein has a neutral flavour and can be easily mixed with sweet or savoury dishes to boost your daily protein intake. It is also heat stable making it great for hot soups and casseroles.

Who’s It For?
Everyone! Often recommended by nutritionists, Pea Protein powder is the ideal ingredient for vegetarians, vegans, athletes or those on a weight-loss diet.


Pea Protein Isolate

Made in a factory that handles nuts, peanuts & dairy. May contain soya.

Dietary Information

  • Gluten free
  • Vegan friendly
  • Non-GM
  • Soya free
  • Made without solvents
  • No added sugar/sweetners
  • 82% protein

Recommended Serving

Packaging recommends 10g servings (1 heaped dessert spoon), which provides 8.2g of protein. Use 1-3 servings per day to fortify foods.

Nutritional Information

 Nutritional Info Per 10g Serving Per 100g
Energy (kJ) 146 kJ 1465 kJ
Energy (kcal) 35 kcal 350 kcal
Fat 0.2g 1.7g
.....Of which saturates 0.0g 0.3g
Carbohydrate 0.1g 0.8g
.....Of which sugars 0.0g 0.0g
Fibre 0.2g 2.4g
Protein 8.2g 81.7g
Salt 0.38g 3.75g


Average Amino Acid Composition (* = BCAA)

Amino Acid g/100g Powder
Alanine 3.5
Arginine 7.1
Aspartic Acid 9.4
Cysteine 0.8
Glutamic Acid 13.7
Glycine 3.3
Histidine 2.0
Isoleucine* 3.7
Leucine* 6.9
Lysine 5.9
Methionine 0.9
Phenylalanine 4.5
Proline 3.7
Serine 4.3
Threonine 3.2
Tryptophan 0.8
Tryosine 3.1
Valine* 4.1

 * = BCAAs  

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