Pulsin Premium Whey Protein Powder (Whey Isolate) 250g


Best Before Date: 31/01/2019

Product Description

Food Circle Supermarket is delighted to be able to help Pulsin to divert surplus food away from waste and to people, and to be able to help you to live healthy for less. It's the perfect combo that not only helps to prevent food waste and protect our environment, but also allows you to access our unique discount of 50% off the RRP. Because we are a surplus food retailer, our range regularly changes, so buy now while stocks last!

The highest protein content of all Pulsin's powders, Premium Whey (Whey Isolate) is ideal for supercharging your protein intake, as well as being a great source of calcium. 

Why Should I Choose Premium Whey (Whey Isolate)?
Pulsin Premium Whey Protein (formerly Whey Isolate) has the highest protein content of all Pulsin powders and is a great source of calcium, vital for muscles and bones.

It is: Vegetarian, Non GM and made using hormone-free milk from UK grass-fed cows. It also contains no added fillers, sugars or sweeteners.

Pulsin Premium Whey protein is a complete protein, providing all the essential amino acids that the body can't make itself.

How Do I Use It?
Pulsin protein powders are natural and unflavoured, great for adding to your favourite recipes to boost your daily protein intake. A dessertspoon of Pulsin Premium Whey Protein stirred into natural yogurt and sweetened with honey or maple syrup makes a deliciously creamy high protein snack.

Who’s It For?
Those who need a higher protein content in their diet than normal such as athletes or those looking to increase muscle mass. It’s low fat content also makes this protein suitable for those on a weight loss diet too.


Whey Protein Isolate Powder (Milk)
Soya Lecithin (Soya)

Made in a factory that handles nuts & peanuts. May contain soya.

Allergens listed within ingredients list above. While every effort is made to ensure the information on this page is as accurate as possible, always read the label before consuming and do not rely on this page as your only source of ingredient, nutritional or dietary information.

Dietary Information

  • Gluten Free
  • Vegetarian
  • Non-GM

Nutritional Information

  Per Serving (10g) Per 100g
Energy 161kJ
of which saturated
of which sugars
Fibre 0.0g 0.0g
9.3g 93.0g
Salt 0.05g 0.50g
Calcium 45mg 450mg


Amino Acid g/100g Powder
Alanine 4.7
Arginine 2.0
Aspartic Acid 10.2
Cysteine 2.0
Glutamic Acid 16.8
Glycine 1.3
Histidine 1.6
Isoleucine* 6.0
Leucine* 9.9
Lysine 8.9
Methionine 2.0
Phenylalanine 2.8
Proline 5.1
Serine 4.3
Threonine 6.2
Tryptophan 1.3
Tryosine 2.4
Valine* 5.5

 * = BCAAs  

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