The Workout Bundle


Best Before Dates: see table below

Product Description:

Introducing the new Workout Bundle! We know that our amazing customers love to live healthy and access high protein products from quality brands for less.

That is why we've bundled together some of our favourite fitness-friendly snacks for you to order in just a few easy clicks. Featuring delicious high protein snacks and spreads from brands such as Grenade, Oatein, Trek and Fulfil.

If you buy this bundle, not only will you be saving by getting your hands on 23 products for just £25 (high street RRP £54.42), but because you are choosing to shop with us and becoming a part of our unique surplus food model, you will also be doing something good for our environment, as many of these products would otherwise be at risk of being wasted.

Save now with Food Circle Supermarket and access this limited offer!

We would like to thank the manufacturers and brands we work with for choosing to work with Food Circle Supermarket and save surplus food from potentially being wasted.

Ingredients, Dietary Information & Nutritional Information

Click on individual products in the table below to be taken to their product page, where all of the information on Ingredients, Dietary and Nutritional information is listed. (Links open in a new window)

Contents of The Workout Bundle

 Product Best Before Date Quantity in Bundle
Grenade Carb Killa Milk Chocolate High Protein Spread 360g 31/12/18 3
Trek Oat & Raisin Protein Flapjack 50g 27/03/19 3
Trek Toffee Triumph Protein Energy Chunks 60g 23/03/19 3
Trek Cranberry Kick Protein Energy Chunks 60g 18/01/19 3
Oatein Oatmeal & Raisin High Protein Cookie 75g 01/02/19 3
Oatein White Chocolate & Blueberry High Protein Cookie 75g 09/01/19 3
Fulfil Chocolate Orange Protein & Vitamin Bar 55g 01/12/18 3
Oatein Cookies & Cream Low Sugar Protein Bar 60g 31/03/19 1
Oatein White Chocolate & Strawberry Low Sugar Protein Bar 60g 31/03/19 1

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