Our Environment

Food Waste & Surplus Food

Every day, surplus food and drink that is healthy, edible and wholesome is thrown away due to reasons that have nothing to do with taste, texture or ingredients.

In fact, the FAO (Food and Agricultural Organisation for the UN) estimates that more than one third of the entire amount of food produced on our planet is thrown away.

It goes without saying then that the environmental cost of this wasted production is enormous, and that the issue of surplus food and food waste is too.

The Problem

One third of global food production is around 1.3 billion tonnes, with an estimated carbon dioxide emission of 3.3 billion metric tonnes. Reasons for this product being wasted include a difference between production levels and consumer demand, a change in packaging or there not being enough date life remaining to be sold in a supermarket. Even something as simple as the weather can lead to thousands of tonnes of surplus food and drink going to waste.


The Solution

There are many organisations aiming to help tackle this problem, such as WRAP, Love Food Hate Waste and innovative manufacturers such as Snact and Ooze Drinks.

Food Circle Supermarket is our response to the surplus food problem, by making healthy foods more affordable to everyone, whilst giving you the power to make a genuine difference to our environment.

By shopping with us, you too are helping to tackle surplus food waste and saving our Planet.


Brands We Work With

This means that all of the products that you will see and buy on our store will be surplus food and drink.

As our regular shoppers will know, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the products we sell. They are in-date and perfectly wholesome, it just means that our range changes depending on how much food needs rescuing!

Surplus is inevitable across the food and drink industry due to many reasons, and does not mean the manufacturer has done anything wrong (we are not all perfect!)

Mass production is so complex that occasionally things don’t go to plan – so we thank the fantastic brands we work with for taking action to tackle food waste and save our environment.