Food Waste & Surplus Food

Food Circle Supermarket is dedicated to reducing food waste and surplus food, whilst saving our environment. We buy and sell surplus stock that is healthy, wholesome and in date.

Every day, surplus food and drink that is healthy, edible and wholesome is thrown away due to reasons that have nothing to do with taste, texture or ingredients.

In fact, the FAO (Food and Agricultural Organisation for the UN) estimates that more than one third of the entire amount of food produced on our planet is thrown away. Crazy right?

It goes without saying then that the environmental cost of this wasted production is enormous, and that the issue of surplus food and food waste is too.

The Problem

Now, we understand that if any food or drink expires and starts to smell funny, it’s time to throw it away. However, products are being wasted due to an unfortunate difference between production levels and customer demand. Not only that but changing in packaging or there not being enough date life remaining to be sold in a supermarket. Overall, billions of tons of food are unnecessarily wasted all over the world. This is where we come in… (cue dramatic music)

The Solution

 Food Circle are here to make a difference. By making healthy food more affordable (which instantly makes it more delicious) and selling products which would’ve otherwise gone to waste, we’re giving you the opportunity to help us tackle huge surplus food issue and make a genuine difference to our environment.

Shop with us and you’ll have the power to help save our planet… and a satisfied stomach.

The Brands We Work With

Our products are surplus but don’t let this put you off-they are all perfect and as tasty as they should be!

Mass production is so complex meaning things don’t always go to plan, so we are grateful for all the fantastic brands who work with us and are taking action to tackle food waste in order to save our environment!

You might be interested in the “Perfectly Good” section on our website, where we have some delicious products past their sell-by dates up for grabs! Don’t worry if this doesn’t interest you though, as 95% of our stock is in date.


Check out the below video from our Seedrs Crowdfunding Campaign in June 2022 - created by our friends, and quite frankly legends at Openhouse Pictures