Top 5 “Must Sees” For Workout Motivation - By Jenny Mason
Have you ever watched a film like Gladiator and afterwards felt compelled to go to the gym? Me too. Although I must say, I’m in no rush to look like Russell Crowe.Rocky aside, there are some brilliant must sees which will leave you desperate to hit a workout. Here’s my top 5:The Fittest on Earth and The Redeemed and DominantBoth films based on and around the CrossFit Games, literally everyone featured in these films are ripped to shreds. It’d be rude not to hit the gym after watching these.
Steve Austin’s Broken Skull ChallengeRemember Steve Austin? He’s even buffer now than when he was in the Wrestling arena. This is a game show filmed at his ranch which is designed to test the fittest of athletes. There’s a hefty prize purse for whoever can leave the ranch victorious, but it doesn’t come easy. After watching this you’ll be itching to find your own “heartbreak hill” and motor up to the top in record time.
The Titan GamesWhat is it with ex-wrestlers and game shows? Hosted by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, this is a competitive game show where the winners of each episode eventually have to battle it out for the ultimate crown at the season finale. Competitors come from a variety of backgrounds and fitness levels, but they all have an awe-inspiring nature in common. The challenges are unpredictable and unfamiliar, which means you see a lot of alternative training methods as athletes explain how they prepared for the shot.
StrongI was addicted to this show! It’s a little bit like “The Titan Games” meets “The Biggest Loser” where contestants are all on a fitness or weight loss journey. Each contestant is partnered up with a fitness professional and one couple are eliminated each episode. Each fitness professional has a different approach or training style, so the show documents how different people respond to different styles. In true American style, it can be a little cheesy at times but it’s great to see the contestants progress week on week.
Ross Edgley’s Great British SwimNot a TV show, but a YouTube series created by Red Bull. Specifically, a series which follows Ross as he attempts to swim around the country. (Yes, you read that right). The weird thing is, the more you get to know Ross as the series progresses, the more you will understand that this is one of his less extreme challenges. I won’t spoil the ending, but this humongous feat of human endurance was an addictive watch and is truly inspirational.
Ross Edgley's Great British Swim S1 E1: can it be done?